The 5 Be's of Life!

June 17, 2014

Hello blog readers!

One of my best friends works at a huge & successful corporate company. She shared "The 5 Be's of Leadership"with me, and I wanted to share them with YOU! My friend and I agreed that they didn't necessarily teach us anything new, but we thought they were well presented and concise. Also, my friend stated that she thinks these could also be the "5 Be's of LIFE" not just leadership!

1) Be Clear - about your objectives, in your communications, about what you want out of a particular situation or relationship.

2) Be Visible - don't be a fly on the wall. Actively participate in everything. Don't wait for a seat at the table; just take one.

3) Be Confident - in yourself, yes, but also be confident in others. Confidence in oneself is something people always talk about, but it translates to confidence in others as well.

4) Be Real - big fat duh. People you work for/with will give advice and feedback on ways they think you should improve, but only do what feels natural and always stay true to yourself. 

5) Be Flexible- to changing circumstances.


Love them all! Hope this helps you gain confidence and clarity in your workplace and personal life!


Until next time ~


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