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What Every Girl Should Know
Time Out New York Critic's Pick!
4 Stars!
Winner: Fringe Overall Excellence Award for Best Ensemble!
"The casting is nothing short of outstanding. Danielle Beckmann as the warm, sexual Theresa...brings a wondrous depth and honesty to her character. Each actress alone brings a raw emotional truth to their work, but the charming and vibrant chemistry amongst the four makes us want to watch them all day."
"Top to bottom, start to finish, What Every Girl Should Know is an excellent piece of theater. The quality of the production design and calibre of the production overall lifts it well above the average FringeNYC fare."
- NYTheatre.com
"...a play like What Every Girl Should Know feels perfectly times. It's historical but vibrant, full of the young actresses' mischievous energy and emotionally heightened dance reveries to the music of Amanda Palmer."
- The Daily Beast
"The ensemble cast works together like a string quartet, not a false note among them." - Theatre is Easy

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Lily and Kosmo Live
"Lily Lupino (an effervescent performance by Danielle Beckmann) is a young space cadet from Brooklyn.
Beckmann is a delightful lead to the ensemble and instantly gets the audience on her side."
- Jason Rost, Theatre is Easy
"Lily [played] by Danielle Beckmann is adorable and a total spacial force to be reckoned with."
- Kat Chamberlain, NYTheatre.com

​​Ghost Light


"Particular performances that stood out were Danielle Beckmann and Nick Stevens’ snappy and humorous

scene The Fly Space about the prospects of “making it” in the theatre world."

- InsideNewYork.com


Pizza Man


"Beckmann has the most success in navigating the script's numerous implausibilities. Whenever she hits one,

her extensive experience in standup comedy kicks in...it's one, two, three—punch line, and she's past it."


"Danielle Beckmann attacks with impressive commitment given the circumstances."

- Backstage.com​​



"The production...offers plenty of hilarious moments featuring the new step family (Danielle Beckmann as Bernice)."


"Everyone can definitely appreciate the percussion thumping, disco light yielding production number "Off to the Ball" performed by the wicked step-mother and her two daughters (Danielle Beckmann and Britney Steele). Combined with exquisite and large costumes, the number is a stand-out in the show."

- Broadwayworld.com

"At this point the hour long show acquires its own magic...several wry moments, including the return

of the mean but not inhumane stepsisters (Freddi Mack and Danielle Beckmann)." - NY Times


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